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LinkCollider may be a set of SEO tools, mainly aimed toward gaining shares and likes on social websites like Pinterest, Twitter, Blogger, Facebook and now also You Tube, Instagram.Tik Tok and Tumblr. It is a “share exchange”. reciprocally for liking, upvoting or sharing other members sites, they're going to do an equivalent for you. this is often mediated by tokens, which function the currency you earn for sharing and may spend to get upvotes yourself.

The aspect that interests me is that tokens also can be earned by autosurfing. By having your browser automatically display the sites of other members, you'll collect tokens hands-free, then spend them on social media backlinks or followers. this is often a particularly low effort thanks to build your follower count.

Free accounts are limited to viewing 50 sites per day via autosurf, which translates to about 500 tokens or within the range of twenty Twitter followers or Facebook likes per day. It is well worth surfing the fifty sites per day as there is no effort involved with it being an autosurf and the tokens get you a consistent amount of daily likes and shares.

LinkCollider also features a suite of SEO tools like a backlink generator, article spinner, Alexa rank checker and directory submission manager. a number of these cost tokens to use, for instance the directory submission is 50 tokens per directory. Others are broken, like the “drop my link” which offers to look for Squidoo Lenses where you'll leave comments together with your backlink, albeit Squidoo not exists as Squidoo, having converted to hubpages.

Nevertheless, as a bridge between autosurfing and social followers & upvotes, LinkCollider offers a no-cost, low-effort service that's well worth using.

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