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A huge advantage to List Surfing is that although you'll surf sites or read email ads for a fair amount of time to obtain increased rewards and bonuses for larger volume you don’t need to if you don’t want to or simply don’t have hours to commit.

To help you to get maximum exposure and results from just a little bit of time each month we created List Surfing with NO SURF RATIO! What does this mean? Well, it means you won’t view two pages so as to earn one view of your site reciprocally (known as a 2:1 ratio), or maybe view one page so as to get one view reciprocally (1:1 ratio). you'll view a minimum of just 50 pages monthly within the surf area and this make you to ACTIVE for a full 30 days. While you're active your sites get unlimited rotation in our surfing area and it doesn’t cost you ANY credits at all. This is unlimited rotation of your sites for absolutely free. Just surf 50 sites monthly .

Let’s put this in perspective… let’s say you're a free member in List Surfing and say your allowed to rotate one site. That one site might receive say 50 visitors every week , that would mean 200 visitors a month to your site.For viewing just 50 sites you get 200 visitors in return? that's unprecedented in traffic exchanges! But yes, that's what you get at List Surfing. You can of course add more than one site as a free member but you still only have to surf 50 sites a month.

But, what if you upgrade in List Surfing? Then you'll get three times or maybe five times the quantity of traffic! Pro members can rotate three sites, so if all three of your sites get the same amount of traffic to every listing you will receive roughly about.. 600 to 1,000 visitors per month for just surfing 50 pages! You realize that's something sort of a 1:6 or 1:10 ratio, right?

But hold on to your seat, because it gets even wilder.

You know how I said you don’t spend any of your credits when your site is viewed within the surf area meaning while you’re surfing you're accumulating credits but they aren’t ever being spent to show your site to others – so what does one do with those credits? Well you will use those credits to send Email Ads to our list!

Email ads are another super effective way to advertise, and a good percentage of probably 2-3% of the people you send your email ad to will open and visit your website. this is often not only additional traffic, but traffic to can pre-sell to through your email copy!

Do you see the large picture now? With List Surfing you get a crazy amount of value for your time spent surfing through free website rotation AND email ads. Plus once you read email ads you earn many more text impressions, banner impressions, and more mailing credits.

I’m not even mentioning the daily surf drawing, referral contests, and surf bonuses that are given to our members who invest longer and surf higher volume.. that’s for an additional post 😉

Are you ready to get loads of traffic from using List Surfing?

To your success,

Andy Whiles

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P.S. Unfortunately, if you let your account go inactive your sites won't rotate, but you can still send email ads and everything else and your account remains functioning normally like getting referrals, commissions, banner ads, text ads, etc. You can always make your account active again for 30 days by just surfing 50 pages, it’s that simple!

OR, if you would like all the advantages of being active without actually doing anything, You can purchase “Always Active” and as long as you're subscribed your account will stay active.

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