How To Build Your List Using Squeeze Page?

With the arrival of computer and therefore the wide reach of world wide web, making money through the internet is almost a dream come true. So  for you to achieve success in online business, not only do you need to have a product, but you also need customers to sell to. Where do the customers come from? Using squeeze pages is one of the most commmonly used methods to make your own customer base that you can simply sell your products to time after time. This article will explain the tactics of using a squeeze page to create your opt-in list, aka your customer base.

Squeeze pages have different names like capture pages, lead capture pages,  squeeze pages and gateway pages etc. The entire idea is to entice the visitor to your website to offer you their name and email address with their full consent, reciprocally you'll often provide them useful information at no cost to them. It might be within the sort of short reports, e-course, or maybe free software.

Just like anything in life, if you'll develop a rapport with your customers, it is easier to persuade them buy your products or services. Using a squeeze page in your way of inviting customers to visit your site as obviously you cant greet your customer through electronic bits and bytes like you can the door of a shop but the concept is that the same.

Your Squeeze Page basically contains three components, an eye catching head line to attract your visitors attention, usually a free offer as a sort of small bribe and a form to capture visitors name and email address. You will also need some kind of emailing system in order to keep in contact with your new customer. By that I mean an autoresponder email system.

Once you have set everything up the it is better to advertise your lead capture page rather than your product sales page. You can advertise through ezine advertising, pay per click campaigns, traffic exchange sites etc. this way the visitor will accept the small “ethical bribe” from you and happily give out their email address before you allow them to access your sales page.

Nowadays lots of people like to feature audio or video on their squeeze page to elicit an interactive environment. It also will give more credibility to your internet site and you the marketer. It's definitely something you'd wish to consider as statistics showed that the conversion rate will increase significantly if you add an audio or video file on your squeeze page.

However, different markets with different products might need different results. The best way is to conduct split testing to ascertain which ones pull in better return. With proper set of a effective Squeeze Pages and good offers, not only will you be ready to make money from the front , you'll even be ready to make extra money from your back end . Now you've got a customer list that you can monetize whenever you like.Obviously you need to provide valuable products in order for this system to work but at the same time you'll enjoy the profit you well deserve.

There are plenty of online squeeze page makers  many of whom will host your page for free as well or for a small fee if you upgrade. What works best for you is your own choice and there are plenty of Capture page builders around but for a quick and easy solution check out Traffic Exchanges many of which have squeeze page builders built into their system that host your pages for free. Its a good way to get you started and for you to learn how to build pages at no cost. Free Advertising For You is one which as well as a Squeeze page builder has lots of other great things going for it but if you dont like that one there are plenty of others.

Most Autoresponder sites like Get Response and Aweber also include page builders with lots of templates etc specifically designed to intergrate with your Autoresponder and build your list.

Here is a good example of a Squeeze page that uses video and ticks all the boxes mentioned above. This is a squeeze page building company that has a free Autoresponder for upto 500 names in the free version so is a useful starting point.

Please comment below about your experienses with capture pages.

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